Small Animal Testimonials

My Springer spaniel Molly developed glaucoma in January and we were advised it was too bad to continue trying to save the eye as she had lost all vision and was at Risk of retinal prolapse. Sadly we opted to remove the eye but all the staff at the practice were so friendly and helpful and Molly was so at ease we had no worries. After 3 weeks recovery she was completely back to normal acting a loon and running everywhere like nothing has happened. She is now fully recovered and looks so well as you can see by the photo and that's all the credit to the vets who treated her. Would definitely recommend these vets everytime. Thank you so much x

Molly's Owner - Mrs Disbury

Brilliant vets. take great care of your pets and the owners. team are fantastic. would recommend any time.

Buddy's Owner - Mrs Strudwick

Arto came in to see vet Ben recently for his annual vaccinations. Ben is always brilliant with Arto, after lots of attention and some treats, the vaccinations and check up were over in no time. All the staff are very friendly and helpful everytime we visit and Arto loves meeting other pets in the waiting room.

Arto's Owner - Miss Delve

Bonnie was looked after so incredibly well by all the staff at St.Boniface when she suffered a rare illness - they supported us so much in helping care for Bonnie when she was temporarily paralysed. Thanks especially to Kate and Jane (rehab physio) - for their dedication. We wouldn’t take out dogs anywhere else.

Bonnie's Owner (Mrs Smith)

They’ve done so much for both my cats- everything from emergency treatment of poisoning to simple regular check-ups. Always professional, always compassionate, and with a personal touch that lets you know they really care. Brilliant.

Mrs Brealy

'A fabulous veterinary clinic. They look after my babies so well. I know it's a half hour drive each way but I wouldn't change to a more local vet as they have always been there for me and my pets (& so caring when it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one).'

Missy & Maisie's Owner - Susan Blakey

'Tony is our hero after diagnosing Pepp Corns with pancreatitis after 5 years of struggling with stomach upsets.  2 years on and all good with the correct diet.'

Pepp's owner, Holly

'I have always loved the first class attention given to both animals and their owners and am happy to travel a little further from home to get this wonderful care. I've had dogs and cats under the care of the practice since 1982 and remember fondly the days when Sylvie used the small room in North Street! It's great how the practice has grown yet the service hasn't changed. Keep up the good work as you have one excellent team and we are lucky to have you.' 

Heather Johns

'We can't express how thankful we are with the fast action of Juilet and the nurses, when our dog Ozzie decided that he would eat rasins.  Without the treatment, we could have lost him.  Thankfully, after being treated, Ozzie was back to himself within a few hours.  Once again thank you.'

Ozzie's Owner - Jane Fowler

'Sylvie, and now Tony and the team have always looked after our precious family pets. The caring and compassion starts the minute you walk through the door. The vets are first class and are supported by a hardworking and very friendly team of staff. I always recommend St Boniface to anyone I hear is looking for a vets. Hope you continue going from strength to strength.'

Willow's owner - Keith Baker

'Best vets by far. Put all my trust in you all.'

Leanne Johns, with Doodles

'We have been with the Boniface team for 7 years plus, and what a fantastic team they are.  Always helpful and loyal to all our pets, wouldn't want any other practise looking after them.  Thank you for all you do for Willow,  Ozzie and old age pensioner cat Blacky; who will be 20 in June 17.  You all do a amazing job!'

Blacky, Willow and Ozzie's Owner - Jane Fowler

'I take this occasion also to send a special thank you to Marie, Kate and Juliette, all the nurses and the front desk staff who have all been very helpful and nice with Mila and us. Attaching a picture of Her Beauty. She has been in good hands until the end.'

Giovanna Michelon

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony, Marie and the Team for the wonderful way you took care of dear old Bertie. You are all angels! Any trip to the vet is traumatic and as you know this went on for months, but we got through it and today Bert and I when out for a drive, and I can't say how grateful I am to still have him around, even if he dose try to sit on my lap when I am driving!'

Bertie still enjoys his days out with his owner

Eddie's owner wanted to pass on his thanks to Head Nurse Sarah and Deanna. He said 'they were both wonderful and showed such dedication after a long day!! Eddie and I had a great time; it was lovely for Eddie to run free with the other puppies and he was particularly taken with Dora'

Eddie's Puppy Party Experience

"Our dear dog Ben was under their care for roughly two weeks, all the vets nurses and receptionists were brilliant!! Showing great respect and care for our old man, sadly we lost him, but they always kept us updated, and we even managed to bring him home at a point.  They were always at the end of the phone for advice, and nothing was ever too much trouble, their care and thoughtfulness was amazing, a great and highly recomended vets and a great staff team"

Hayley Gale

"All the vets at this practice are top notch, nothing is ever too much trouble.  The reception is so very easy to get through to.  First Class. Thank you"


Denise Pearce

"When we found out that Bess had been diagnosed with a congenital PDA, our whole family was devastated. How could such a young, fit and healthy dog run the risk of something as serious as heart failure? St. Boniface advised us that there was an operation Bess could undertake by one of the best surgeons in the country that would mean she could live a normal life, but of course it came at a price. Thanks to the support our vet Marie Kemmish provided, we gained authorisation from our insurers prior to making any decision, and promptly booked Bess in to the Willows Veterinary Clinic in Solihull for her operation. That was two weeks ago. Bess had her stitches removed on Monday, and today has been let off the lead to run free in our field. We are extremely grateful to Jo Harris - visiting cardiologist, Marie and the St. Boniface team, and everyone at the Willows for making Bess's life normal again."

Jane Taylor

"Our 18 month old black Labrador Lexie recently underwent a laparoscopic operation to spay her. We opted for this type of operation despite it being more expensive because she is an active dog and the recovery time is short. We have been both amazed and delighted. She was a bit sleepy on the day of the operation then woke the next day as if nothing had happened! She had only 2 small wounds which healed beautifully. The follow up and post-operative support we received was excellent. The only problem we had was trying to stop her from bounding around! I would highly recommend this to anyone considering spaying their dog! It was definitely worth the extra cost to see her recover so well."

Dr S Stanford