Young Stock Management

The events which take place in the first few months of a calf’s life directly relate to later production and longevity in the herd. The direct cost of treating a calf with pneumonia is high at £43-£84 (UK average), but the knock on effect of reduced weight gain, and in later life, reduced milk production and fertility, is far more costly.

Here at St. Boniface Vets we provide a service that will ensure optimal health and growth rates, where rearing cattle for maximum profit margins is the aim.

We currently run small group courses to provide extra insight into both pre-weaning and post-weaning calf management, whilst maintaining services on an individual farm basis, encompassing the following:

  • Colostrum management
  • Specific disease risk assessment and control programs
  • Early diagnosis of disease
  • Appropriate and effective treatment choices and protocols
  • Feed efficiency and growth rates

There are some interesting items on calf pnuemonia, colostrum managment and calf scour - download your own copy today.  Alternatively, you can call the practice and speak to one of our vets - 01363 772860.