Vet Tech Services

Vet Tech Services

Designed with your farm in mind our Vet Tech services offer efficient and hassle free solutions to your herd’s health. It is easy for things to slip down the to-do list but with regular Vet Tech visits you can rest assured that tasks are completed on time and to a high standard.

Calf Health

Our techs carry out regular weighing of batches of calves at birth, weaning and 6 months to measure daily liveweight gain of your calves. We can also test the calves to monitor the colostrum intake and passive transfer of immunity from the colostrum.  











Our techs are trained in medicine administration and storage and can provide a cost-effective, hassle-free vaccination service on your farm. Alongside our vaccination reminder service our techs can ensure your vaccines are done on time, whether that be calf pneumonia vaccines or whole herd vaccines. Herd vaccinations can be given at any suitable time or when another management task is being done (E.g TB testing) meaning that you can get on with what your doing knowing your animals are getting their important vaccinations.


Our techs are highly skilled at disbudding, and are able to do so without additional help from farm staff. With regular visits we can ensure calves are disbudded at an ideal age and before they are harder to handle. All calves receive long-acting pain relief alongside local anaesthetic in line with red tractor standards.

Mobility Scoring

Our RoMS accredited mobility scorers score your cows quarterly (or more often if needed) to monitor the herd’s lameness control. Reports are generated suitable for farm assurance and milk contracts and a list can be drawn up for your foot trimmer.


Body condition scoring can be carried out regularly to monitor the herds condition throughout the season. This can be carried out at milking time or at your herd health routine.