Rehabilitation Testimonials

Bonnie was looked after so incredibly well by all the staff at St.Boniface when she suffered a rare illness - they supported us so much in helping care for Bonnie when she was temporarily paralysed. Thanks especially to Kate and Jane (rehab physio) - for their dedication. We wouldn’t take out dogs anywhere else.

Bonnie's Owner (Mrs Smith)

'We have been seeing Jane for many years now.  She’s built up such a trust with Zara and Zara enjoys seeing her.  Despite her muscle problems she lives life to the full. Whenever she gets a problem we know that Jane and her gadgets will get her back to her normal self and better in no time. I really don’t know what we would do without Jane. We have been taught a lot about how to keep Zara’s muscles from getting too tight through massage. Which now Zara comes and ask’s us for.  And how to stretch her muscles through work with noodles hoops and cones which Zara and I have a lot of fun together.  We incorporate a lot into our walks like weaving from side to side and trotting.

Zara loves Jane and her doggy massage. I don’t know what we would do without Jane keeping her muscles in check.  Jane is so fantastic I can’t praise her enough. She has taught me so much.'

Zara's Owner, Carrie.

'Rosie loves Jane & we don't know how we'd manage without her!  We see Jane and her advice and positivity makes it all ok again for both of us!'


Rehabilitation Treatment - Rosie's Owner, Jan.