With feed representing one of your biggest input costs, if not the biggest, a watchful, unbiased eye, WILL make a measurable improvement to your bottom line.

We provide a genuinely independent assessment of your feeding system, where we consider a tailor made service based solely around your farm and livestock, to be vital. Monitoring can be as simple as:

  • Assessing intakes
  • Looking at rumen fill
  • Dung consistency
  • Cow time management
  • Diet consistency

Or it can be slightly more involved, via:

  • Metabolic blood sampling
  • Urine testing
  • Mineral analysis
  • Diet formulation
  • Rumen sampling

We now provide a full rationing service including the following:

  • Diet formulation
  • Forage budgets
  • Silage analysis
  • Straits recommendations

We believe that nutrition is the fundamental basis to healthy and productive livestock.