Farm Services

We are a long established practice with seven full -time and two part-time vets, serving the farms and pets of Mid-Devon.

We have a dedicated farm animal team of 6 keen, experienced and highly skilled vets, including a certificate holder in Dairy Cattle Practice, a DBR (Diploma in Bovine Reproduction) holder and 2 trained DairyCo Mastitis Plan users.

Services we offer include:

  • Nutrition
  • Fertility
  • Mastitis control
  • Lameness control
  • Young stock management
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Bull Breeding Soundness Examination
  • Farmer training

Within this, we offer a full nutrition advisory service, including costings and advanced fertility services such as embryo transfer and bull breeding soundness evaluations.

We believe that veterinary input is progressing from emergency based work to that of knowledge transfer, enabling farmers to improve their business at the herd level and not just on an individual animal basis. One way we try to achieve this is through FarmSkills training for small groups of farmers, including AI and foot trimming courses.

We aim to support profitability on our clients’ farms by including these services in our regular herd health visits and through comprehensive reviews and analysis of production data.