'Invest in health - Don't pay for disease'

Our dedicated team of 8 experienced, highly skilled and enthusiastic farm vets will help you achieve this, we work with dairy, beef and sheep farmers tailoring our services to your varied needs. The team regularly attend clinical meetings to keep up to date with the ever changing ideas within the profession.

Veterinary input is an investment that must improve your bottom line. We aim to support profitability on our clients’ farms by a managed approach to herd health including regular visits and reviews of production data, with monthly reporting and benchmarking of fertility, SCC and production data. We also offer advanced fertility services including embryo transfer and bull breeding soundness examinations, as well as a full nutrition advisory service including costings.

Personal service is a must for any modern dairy unit. Our clients normally build a relationship with one vet who performs the routine visits and consultancy work on farm. Our vets regularly discuss cases to ensure they are aware of each client’s progress.

We pride ourselves in holding regular client meetings and training days to promote the highest level of herd health. As part of XL Vets we are heavily involved in FarmSkills training, offering courses in a range of areas including fertility/AI, mastitis, lambing, heifer rearing, safe use of drugs and more. FarmSkills courses are designed to put the farmer first; finding out what you know now and what you’d like to know to improve your business. Many of these training days will result in LANTRA awards.

We are available 24/7 and out of hours calls go directly to one of our vet’s phones, so you do not get passed through a call centre when time is all important.