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Senior Health Checks

Wednesday, 12 February 2014 - 6:42pm

New Years resolutions can be for pets too!

Has your dog gained a few pounds in this cold wet weather ? Have you been meaning to get his creaky joints checked out?

We like to run a series of FREE senior health checks in the middle of winter, as this is often when the wear and tear on an older pet can starts to take its toll. Colder weather makes joints ache and some fitness is lost as walks get shortened which adds to arthritis problems. 

In addition pets may be spending more time indoors and at rest, these longer periods between toilet breaks can make urinary problems more obvious. Older pets are more likely to get problems such as diabetes, heart disease, senility, tumours and kidney disease. Early screening and intervention can make many of these conditions more manageable. In turn this can greatly improve the quality of life in many cases.

We all want happy healthy pets for as long as possible so if you think that your pet could do with a health check, please call the surgery on 01363 772860 to book into one of our senior health clinics throughout Feb and March and take advantage of a  free urine test also included.  Or email the practice here.