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Keep Fleas in Check

Saturday, 15 June 2013 - 10:00am

Fleas are a very common external parasite in cats and dogs. During warming weather, the flea population can explode; a female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day and 1,500 in a lifetime. Left untreated, they can cause excessive itching, skin irritation and damage  and even anaemia. They can also affect you and your family too! Fleas don't just live on your pet - it is estimated that 95% of flea eggs, larvae and pupae live in the environment – on beds, rugs, carpets and sofas.

Regular checking and preventative treatment is key to avoiding an infestation. However, there is a confusing array of different products available and some are more effective than others.

Here at St Boniface Vets you can make an appointment to discuss your pets lifestyle and risk of infection. Following this appointment, we can produce a tailored parasite control program for your pet including control of ticks, mites and internal parasites (worms) as well as fleas. This means we can avoid using excessive treatment if your pet's risk is low and we can advise on the most suitable products to use, to treat your pet and your home.

Some common flea treatment questions we get asked are.... Which product is best for my pet? Do I need to treat my cat as well as the dog? Is it necessary to treat all the time or just during summer? Is it true that fleas carry worms? Do I need to treat my home? We can answer these and many more questions in your consultation.

Please call the surgery on 772860 to make your appointment, or send us an email. Make sure your pet enjoys being flea free!