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Lameness is probably the area of Sheep Health where our advice is Changing the Fastest

Thursday, 8 March 2018 - 3:30pm

There is a national commitment from the sheep industry to reduce the amount of lame sheep to 2% of the national flock.  As it was estimated that 10% of sheep were lame when this was announced  this seemed ambitious.  However, the flocks that have tackled lameness in the ways described have found the number of lame sheep in their flock reduced to 2% quite easily, compared to 95% of those treated with injectable antibiotics alone.

The first task is to identify the cause of lameness, both in individual sheep and to know what causes most of the lameness in your flock.

6 common causes of foot lameness:

AHDB have produced a decision tree that guides you through identifying and treating the different types of lameness.

More information on the diseases can be found by clicking each of the 6 common causes, alternatively, call 01363 772860 and speak to a member of the farm team.