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Fly Control

Thursday, 3 August 2017 - 2:31pm

1) Medicinal

Medicinal products are available which can help to control flies. Talk to us about the different options – we are now stocking Dectospot Spot On at a competitive price.

2) Target Larvae Development

Manure, spilled feed or any moist, organic matter can act as larvae development sites.  Either ensure the prompt removal of such matter or use an insecticide growth regulator, such as cyromazine.  It works by preventing larvae from developing into flies, thus reducing the overall fly challenge in the environment.  Alternatively, talk to us about using parasitic wasp larvae to control fly development in sheds, on dung heaps etc.

3) Environmental Control

Avoid grazing ‘problem pastures’ at peak risk times where possible and consider the use of environmental approaches, such as fly paper of traps.