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Colostrum Management

Monday, 26 September 2016 - 11:53am

Colostrum is a hugely important factor in the transfer of immunity from the mother to her calf.

  1. Is colostrum quality an issue in your herd?
  2. Do you even know what the quality is like?

We can certainly help answer those questions and work on solutions to any problems.

Quantity and time is also critical in colostrum management, aim for 4 litres in the first 3 hours.

Colostrum is the first step on the road to successful calf nutrition, the proof is now overwhelming that traditional feeding of 125g/L milk powder as 2 x 2L feeds per day is a false economy. The benefits of maximising growth early on can be measured in improved performance in both the 1st and 2nd lactation.

Is all the energy in your milk powder going into growth?

Even with good environmental control, the use of calf jackets in the first few weeks of life, will have a positive effect on growth rates and improved health. Calf jackets are one of those things that once you start using you wonder how on earth you managed without, they do however require a protocol for optimal use, click the link to download a fact sheet on Calf Jackets.