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Success Factors in Calf Housing

Monday, 26 September 2016 - 10:41am

The costliest problem in young stock rearing will be pneumonia on almost all farms, so many factors come into play.

Success factors with housing are simple yet can be difficult to achieve!

Detailed below, are our 4 key points to consider when reviewing calf housing.

  1. Provision of a healthy calf –Disease is >10 times more in calves with poor colostrum uptake. Colostrum is more potent and cheaper than any vaccine or medicine.
  2. Provision of plentiful clean air – viruses die 10 times quicker in clean dry air than stale moist air. If a shed smells of cattle it is not adequately ventilated.
  3. Control of moisture in the environment – Over a tonne of water passes through a calf into the environment during rearing. Would you be happy to lie down in your calf pen?
  4. Control of air speed at calf height - wind speed of 2m/s will result in chill factor of 100C for newborn calves, meaning energy will be lost just keeping the calf warm even with an ambient temperature of 170C.

For more help and advice on calf housing, please call the practice - 01363 772860 or chat to your vet when they are next out on farm.