News Article

Checklist for Healthy Calf Rearing

Monday, 26 September 2016 - 10:34am

Young stock represent everything about the future of your herd and with the milk price set to head in the opposite direction to the temperature gauge now has never been a better time to focus on healthy heifer production.

Successful calf rearing is not just about health, though this is a key factor, take a look at our checklist for healthy calf rearing - see whether you can answer all of the questions positively.

  • Are calves born in a fresh-bedded pen?
  • Is colostrum quality monitored?
  • Is colostrum uptake monitored (blood test)?
  • Could BVD be affecting immunity and health?
  • Can excessive mixing/regrouping of calves be avoided?
  • Are calf pens always well bedded and dry?
  • Are calf feed troughs always clean?
  • Is calf nutrition and growth performance optimal?
  • Is feeding practice reviewed in cases of milk scour?
  • Are cases of scour monitored for causal agents?

To discuss this in more detail, please call the practice and ask to speak to a member of the farm team - 01363 772860