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Haemoncus Alert

Friday, 12 August 2016 - 1:56pm

To all sheep farmers - there have been 2 outbreaks of Haemoncus in Dorset and one in the Cotswolds in the last week, all presented as dead sheep (ewes or lambs) and all on farms that had never had a case before.

This worm (also known as the barbers-pole worm) causes anaemia because it sucks blood from the gut lining, so when you are handling sheep check the mucus membranes, particularly around the eye, to make sure they aren't pale.

Unfortunately this is the only worm that adult sheep don't develop an immunity to, so ewes can be affected as well as lambs. Although we only see it rarely, it is definitely a disease that is spreading and becoming more common.

If you want to discuss this, please contact any of the farm team - 01363 772860.