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Part 4 & 5 - Mastitis reduces fertility...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016 - 3:10pm probably knew that already but it is always useful when robust research backs up common sense and more importantly allows us to quantify the problem.

In the next few articles, we are going to run through:-

  1. A recently published study on the effect of mastitis on fertility and improving outcome with NSAIDs
  2. What happens to the fertility of cows with mastitis?
  3. What effect can Metacam have on cows affected by mastitis?
  4. What does this mean for me?
  5. Do other NSAIDs have the same effect?

Part Four - What does this mean for me?

If Metacam is not already part of a treatment protocol for mastitis on your farm you should ring us to discuss it further. If mastitis is a major problem on the farm investing more in the prevention of mastitis is going to be better than just adding Metacam to a treatment protocol. For example even after antiobiotics/Metacam cows having had mastitis take 2.4 serves to conceive, you should be targeting 2 AI/conception so there is much more to be gained from reducing mastitis in the first place. Just to be clear this is not a substitute for treating with antibiotics, it is an additional treatment with a positive cost benefit and better welfare for the cow.

We would also need to discuss under what circumstances it is not appropriate to use Metacam and amend your herd health plan.

Part Five - Do other NSAIDs have the same effect?

There has not been a like for like comparison of other products so we can’t say definitively if one is better than the other. Although all NSAIDs act in the same way there are other subtle differences, for example some NSAIDS require repeat injections, so the appropriate NSAID should always be used in conjunction with your Herd Health Plan and regular discussion with your vet.

If any of the articles provoke further discussion, please call the practice on 01363 772860.