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National BVD Elimination Scheme Launches in England

Monday, 11 July 2016 - 12:21pm

BVDFree England launched their national BVD elimination scheme on 1st July.  This is an industry-led scheme designed to eliminate BVD virus from all cattle herds in the country by 2022.

BVDFree England will develop a national database, storing individual and herd test results for scheme members.

BVDFree is based on achieving the elimination of BVD through identification and removal of animals persistently infected (PIs) with BVD.

The BVDFree Scheme will be run on a voluntary basis until most of the cattle industry is covered by the Scheme, when a solid case can be presented to the Government for collaboration on the introduction of compulsory measures.

Interested in taking part? Here's some useful information...

How do I register for BVDFree England?

Farmers with cattle holdings in England can register straight away by signing up to the BVDFree Charter online at

How much does it cost to register?

Registration is free. However, there is a small charge to cover the uploading of test results (50p for blood tests and 25p for tissue samples) which will be added to the cost of your laboratory tests for BVD. As a voluntary farmer-led programme BVDFree only has access to very limited funding. This small charge helps to cover the cost of building and running the database and the helpdesk. The intention is that, as an introductory offer, there will be no charge for the upload of test results from samples tested between July 1, 2016 and October 31, 2016.

Why does my vet need to know I have signed up for BVDFree?

It is important that you inform St Boniface Vets when you sign up to BVDFree to ensure that you get the best possible advice and assistance for your herd. We will want to ensure that you have considered the biosecurity risks associated with BVD as well as advising you on the best route to achieving and/or maintaining BVDFree status for your herd.

I already belong to a herd health scheme – why should I register for BVDFree?

Most herds fully participating in the CHeCS BVD programmes meet the testing requirements and so if you are testing for BVD as part of your health scheme membership you should not need to do anything extra, other than uploading test results, but check with your vet. BVDFree will recognize and show your CHeCS accredited BVD status. BVDFree aims to build on the core of herds which are part of a health scheme and have a CHeCS BVD accredited status and help to reduce the risk of breakdown in those herds by reducing the BVD infection pressure in England. By joining BVDFree you will show you have played your part in helping to make the cattle herd in England free of BVD virus.

When will I be assigned my BVDFree herd status?

BVDFree will recognize the CHeCS accredited BVD herd status from the time of launch on July 1, 2016. BVDFree will not assign herd status directly to herds until they have completed their year 2 of testing to show BVD virus is not circulating in the herd. The earliest date at which BVDFree would assign a herd status is July 1, 2017.

BVDFree England will work in cooperation with the cattle industries in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland to eradicate BVD from the islands of Great Britain and Ireland.

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